"IPTV Restream" For IPTV Server owners

Most of this page is owned by iptv servers. So we have to adjust the contents of this page for them. The content is specialized and it may be difficult for ordinary users to understand.We are one of the largest restream providers in the world. The number of our servers is increasing every day as we are currently running +200 servers.Our servers have a bandwidth of 10Gb/s and are serviced without any freezing.All the process of adding channels to the servers is done automatically and intelligently so that no server is overused and does not cause problems.

Uptime 100% For IPTV Restream "MONDO IPTV"

Local Restream
10G Port Network
Without Freezing
No change of stream number
Support 24/7

Price for re-stream:
10 connections = €50 /month
20 connections = €80 /month
50 connections = €150/month
100 connections = €300 /month
200 connections = €500/month
300 connections = €700/month
400 connections = €900 / month
more 500 connections = €2 per connections
more 1000 connections = €1.5 per connections

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